Acupuncture treatment



The goal of acupuncture, a Chinese medicine practice, is to promote the body to heal itself. We offer acupuncture to pets of all ages to enhance blood circulation, stimulate the nervous system, and release anti-inflammatory and pain relieving hormones. This can be a powerful pain reliever for animals with all types of chronic illnesses, including arthritis. Acupuncture does not have side effects and will not cause negative interactions with your pet’s medications.

Laser Therapy

If you pet is suffering from arthritis, recovering from a wound, or simply dealing with the everyday aches and pains that can come from aging, laser therapy can greatly improve his or her quality of life by decreasing pain and allowing greater mobility. The laser uses a beam of light to stimulate damaged cells to produce more energy, leading to improved cell function. This increase in function has a host of benefits, including improved circulation, decreased inflammation, and release of endorphins, the body’s natural pain reliever.

Laser therapy is used to treat a variety of ailments, including arthritis, tendon and soft tissue injuries, swelling, wounds, and more. Treatment is safe and usually painless – in fact, many pets find the treatment relaxing and enjoyable due to the release of endorphins it causes. If you need help deciding if laser therapy is right for your pet, our doctors are happy to talk to you.