Women holding a cat


Comprehensive Dental Care for Your Pet’s Best Oral Health

Does your best friend have bad breath? “Dog breath” is more than just a nuisance – it’s often a sign of an unhealthy mouth. Bacteria in your pet’s mouth lead to plaque and tartar buildup, resulting in bad breath, reddened gums, and dental disease. Other signs of dental disease include discomfort or bleeding while chewing and loose or missing teeth. Treats and chews alone are usually not enough to control tartar and the progression of dental disease.

Dental hygiene is critical because dental disease can lead to serious health problems like heart or kidney disease. If we notice signs of dental disease during your pet’s checkup, we may recommend dental radiographs to better understand the extent of the disease. Our in-house dental radiography equipment allows us to evaluate your pet’s teeth, the surrounding soft tissues, joints and bone, during the diagnostic process and prior to a dental cleaning. Dental radiographs can also reveal foreign objects, cysts or tumors that would otherwise go undetected during a physical exam. Our follow-up care for dental disease includes a dental cleaning and expert advice for at-home care and routine hygiene.