A turtle and its doctor


Exceptional Veterinary Care for Your Small Mammals, Reptiles, and Birds!

Promenade Animal Hospital is proud to offer care not only for Palm Beach Garden’s dogs and cats, but also for its exotic pets! We can help you care for your rabbits, guinea pigs, snakes, turtles, birds, and much more.

Rabbits and Small Mammals

Do you have a unique bond with your rabbit, guinea pig, ferret, or other small mammal? These special creatures, known as exotics, are becoming increasingly popular and require the same routine wellness care as dogs and cats. With proper nutrition and environment, exotic pets can lead long and healthy lives. We can discuss with you whether your “pocket pet” needs to be spayed or neutered and/or vaccinated, as well as provide tips on cage cleaning, feeding, and grooming.


Snakes, iguanas, turtles, and other reptiles are becoming increasingly popular pets. Just like all other animal companions, they require proper nutrition and care to live long and healthy lives. When you bring your reptile in, we can recommend an appropriate diet and at-home care to ensure your pet’s longevity. We can answer all of your questions about feeding, cage cleaning, how much UV light is optimal, whether you need a heat rock, how to tell if your pet is sick, and any other aspects of care.


Those who share their lives with pet birds know these charming animals make great companions. Birds’ songs can make a home come alive and their “human-like” voices and antics can amuse people for hours. With proper care, many pet birds live for over 50 years, providing decades of joy to their owners. However, did you know that birds can develop many of the same medical conditions as dogs and cats, plus a variety of illnesses unique to birds? Birds are well known for being able to hide signs of illness, which adds to the challenge of diagnosing their medical problems.

At a well visit, we can teach you about proper nutrition, training, hygiene, and grooming for your bird as well as how to facilitate social interactions with other pets and family members. We will also examine your bird for signs of health issues and may recommend wellness screening tests.